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Are you signing up for in-your-ear race coaching as part of our coaching services?

Or do you just want to listen to the verbal cues about your workout from a GPS app, or be available to take calls during a run?

Great! Let us make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger with a pair of high-volume, sealed STEREO earbuds. They block sound from approaching cars and cyclists as well as instructions from race officials.

Both models of our “CoachingBud” are single Bluetooth earbuds that leave one ear open to hear approaching traffic, warnings, and "you GOT this!" from spectators cheering you on during a race.

Both models of our CoachingBud pair with your phone automatically and stay securely in place during workouts or races.

Even if you're listening to music to keep you on pace during a race, you'll be able to hear and take calls. 

Both models of our “CoachingBud” have long battery life, assuring that Coach Kevin will be able to advise you during the critical stages of a marathon where going a minute too fast can cost four minutes off your finish time. And you'll still have juice for your fans to call and find out when the heck you'll be getting to mile 18. 


  • Easy operation
  • Sweat resistance
  • Callback last number
  • 4+ hours talk time
  • 120+ hours standby
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Phone-screen battery display
  • 10-meter connection of Bluetooth 4.0


The Deluxe model design has the greater comfort of a silicone earpiece rather than plastic and hooks around either ear to ensure the bud is comfortable and secure throughout your run. It also features:

  • Better sound fidelity for listening to music
  • Double the talk and standby time of the regular model
  • Voice dialing

Finally, more advanced electronics let the Deluxe CoachBud announce caller ID and accept your spoken "yes" or "no" decision on taking a call