Top 10 Signs You Need New Running Shoes

  1. The dual-density flubber in the midsole has lost some of the reverberation in its "boing."

  2. Your current pair were made on Bowerman's waffle iron.

  3. The last resoling doesn't seem as cushy as the first two resolings.

  4. When you hit the wall at the marathon your bare toes hit first because they stick out of your shoes.

  5. They've outlasted 3 Nike+ sensors.

  6. The red LEDs on the side don't flash anymore when you run.

  7. An MRI reveals that your shoes have stress fractures.

  8. Your shoe odometer just rolled over and went back to zero.

  9. When you turn them upside down and shake them, more toenails fall out than you have toes.

  10. The shoeshine guy can't make them shine anymore.


TIP: Track shoe usage on GarminConnect or Strava. Replace shoes when they hit 300 miles (if you run in them every day) or 500 miles (if you alternate pairs and use shoe trees).