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Coaching to have more fun running and get faster tooRunning just for fun? Maybe getting a little faster (or running at the same speed more easily)? Are friends asking you to run an occasional race with them?

Or insisting you do a stairs workout with them without warning you about post-stairs-traumatic syndrome?

This program might be just the thing. It's designed for runners focused on staying fit who wouldn't object to getting faster ... as long as they don't have to become fanatic about it. And, because all runners want to avoid layoffs, it includes prevention and remedies for running-related aches and pains.

All who sign up receive:

  • Customized workout schedule with a comfortable, predictable set of three runs a week including a "speed" or hill workout plus two optional cross-training sessions. 
  • Your customized online portal supports two-way communication with your Coach. You'll get answers to questions about any issues you're having. He'll learn how to update the plan to better suit your needs.
  • Running mileage and other data can be posted for you automatically if you wear a GPS watch or run carrying your phone and sign up for a free account on Strava, GarminConnect, or MapMyRun. Or post manually to your private portal if you prefer.
  • Want to know the challenging set of stairs nearest you? And how to nurse your calves back to health when you run them the first time. Just ask for a stair workout and recovery in a comment on your personal portal.
  • Best-of-breed instructional videos linked to your workout calendar show you how to perform the cross-training and strength-building exercise suggestions in your schedule. 
  • Instructional videos may change to address issues and needs you discuss with your coach in the online portal. 
  • Paces and run distances can be adjusted as often as monthly if you wish, based on a race result you post to your portal.

Pricing is $100 for twelve weeks of a customized schedule continuously tailored to your needs ... with automatic renewal queued up at the conclusion to keep you from falling off the wagon. We'll post a reminder in case you're really sure that canceling a more happy and healthy future is the right thing to do.