Why I Wear Underwear AND Running Shorts

There might seem to be no logical reason to wear underwear and running shorts. After all, running shorts are distinguished from ordinary gym shorts by the "liner" built in just to free you from the potential discomfort and binding of even the best-fitting briefs. Not to mention the pound or so of sweat that can accumulate in even thin cotton undergarments.  

So why do I normally wear both?

One reason: some shorts have an extremely skinny liner that resembles a hammock. You know how difficult it can be to stay in a hammock, particularly one that's getting swung back and forth? Well, just as one experiences some discomfort upon falling out of a rocking hammock, one can become uncomfortable after falling out of a liner.

But the more important reason to wear shorts and undershorts is to be prepared for emergencies encountered during a run.

  • You can remove your undershorts, use them as a tourniquet, and still be decent to run for help.  
  • Undershorts also make a serviceable sling for a sprained arm with a convenient shoulder hole and elbow holder.  
  • And then there's the ultimate running emergency: undershorts, particularly when soaked with sweat, are an effective substitute for toilet paper.

During today's run, I was prepared with underwear and coped with the ultimate clinched cheeks running emergency at the 3-mile turnaround of my favorite 6-mile run.

I am happy to report that I had no swinging hammock issues on the way home.

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