From Woodland Hills to the Nike Missile Site on the Historic Mulholland Fire Road

One of my favorite runs of about 10 overlooks the San Fernando Valley from the historic Mulholland Fire Road.  My favorite approach, if I don't just run from home, is to park at Mulholland and Canoga and head up the hill.  A few hundred yards later the road turns to gravel from asphalt. You can also hit it halfway where Reseda Blvd. comes up to the fire road.

There are several side roads and trails you can take to extend your distance, including the beautiful single track Bent Arrow Trail.

When you get to the Nike site, you'll find restrooms, water, and the vestiges of what was once a cold-war military outpost armed with nuclear missiles to protect Los Angeles.

Archival photo of operation Nike Site in the 60s

While you're there, don't just read the fascinating history of the cold war. Also check out the overlook of the Pacific Ocean, the description of the animals that live in the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

That will give you at least two things to think about on your run back: 

1) the informative diagram of the nuclear warhead Nike missiles formerly housed there and 
2) the number of acres needed to support a mountain lion 

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