First Report on My Runner's Knee Rehab

It started along the trail shown in this video from last cross-country season.

One of the younger Calabasas Cheetahs runners wasn't having a great day, so to cheer him up I hoisted him onto my shoulders and carried him for about 15 seconds.

That's when I felt something give in my knee. I managed to get a much happier runner down safely, but my knee hasn't been the same since.

I've been afraid that an MRI and medical opinion might raise the prospect of a replacement knee and a year's rehab. Such drastic measures probably aren't necessary, but I have been too busy to take simpler steps.

I'm now happy to report that while taking a 30-day strength training course from Kinetic Revolution that I liked very much, I discovered they have a specific Runner's Knee Rehab program

I'm just a few days in, and so far so good. Check back for reports on how rehab for my runner's knee is going.

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