WallBreaker Ingredient: SuperCarb

WallBreaker Ingredient: SuperCarb

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For those in the know, we fill orders of our WallBreaker ingredient SUPER CARB separate from the Don’t Hit the Wall Kit so you can enjoy it daily AND SuperCarboLoad for every marathon.

Yes, be prepared to love the WallBreaker so much you’ll want to drink it regularly and not just when you need to glide through mile 20 to 26.2. Remember, I located an alternative to the premium brand of complex carbohydrate favored for their sports drink by Meb and other elites. 

Here's What's In It

Made in a GMP and FDA-Inspected Facility, it's half the price without the cost of promotional endorsements, and we pass that savings on to you.

I find the rhythm of a bartender shake and the icy good taste of our WallBreaker cocktail clears out the cobwebs. Not just for a run, but for everything I do.

Be prepared to love our WallBreaker so much you’ll drink it regularly and not just for mile 20 to 26.2.

Cheers! — Coach Kevin