Hot Shot Cramp Prevention, Treatment, Recovery

Hot Shot Cramp Prevention, Treatment, Recovery

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A copy of our eBook on the cause, prevention, treatment, and recovery from exercise-induced cramps comes with each order of HOTSHOT.  We care a lot about cramps, in part because mature runners are more prone to suffer from them.

We also care about spreading the good word about HOTSHOT. This 1.72 ounce drink is the brainchild of Nobel prize-winning neuroscientist/endurance athlete Rod MacKinnan. 

My experience with HOTSHOT in the field backs up university research that shows HOTSHOT can alleviate or prevent cramps and reduce post-cramp muscle soreness.

Leading sports science institutes are continuing to study the benefits of HOTSHOT and how it impacts an athlete’s NeuroMuscular Performance. Some people compare it to chewing neurological running gum in terms of how focused they feel after drinking a HOTSHOT.

All I know is, between downing one of these and following the prescriptions of our eBook, you have a fighting chance to keep from cramping.