Don't Hit the Wall Kit

Don't Hit the Wall Kit

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Never Hit the Wall Again

Our Avoid-the-Wall Solution

Long Life Marathon's kit lets you load twice the normal amount of glycogen to your muscles and avoid the energy depletion near mile 20 of a marathon known as "hitting the wall." Included:

  • the secret "all-out" ritual that opens your body to take on an emergency load of energy 
  • the mixing apparatus and methodology to dissolve the perfect amount of miracle carb and electrolyte and make it delicious and belch free
  • enough carb compound to try it for a long run before super carbo-loading for your marathon 
  • and, in case you want to geek out over the science, we throw in the original research paper and new research on the spike-free super carb.

If you can't wait until your order arrives to understand the science, read about Coach Kevin's journey to the discovery now. is the only source for this proven solution! Finish a marathon without the glycogen depletion that slows so many to an exhausted crawl on the last miles before the finish line.