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Train in Socal for 2019 LA, Boston, or Long Beach Marathon

Masters runners within range of the great roads and trails in the Santa Monica Mountain area can get 16-weeks of interactive marathon coaching PLUS join Coach Kevin's weekly long run (or race) in preparation for the 2019 Los Angeles, Boston, or Long Beach Marathons.

The aim is successful completion of your marathon of choice at a realistic stretch-goal time based on your running history, schedule, and ultimate fitness goals.

All group participants receive:

  • Review of your running history to establish your best target time and appropriate training paces.
  • Customized training calendar in a personal online portal that supports two-way communication with Coach Kevin. 
  • Calendar is built around your schedule (and can include maps to the most suitable running routes near you if you ask) with detailed descriptions of each workout's paces, distance, and duration. 
  • Automatic GPS updates of your training log in your personal portal via GarminConnect, MapMyRun or Strava.
  • Pairing with runners of similar ability to support each other during weekly group long runs (or races) on some of the best training routes and trails in southern California.
  • If desired we'll shift you to a faster or slower group to maximize the support and comradery that will help you succeed in finishing the Marathon.
  • Two-way communication via training-log comments with tuning of online training calendar as needed. 
  • Additional access to coach via email and text.  
  • Monthly phone call/check-in initiated by athlete.
  • Form analysis (take a video of yourself running at race pace and send it to Coach Kevin for evaluation) to achieve a more efficient running form (a $100 value).
  • Runner-specific stretching and strength training tips to help you develop more efficient running techniques and avoid injury.
  • Cross training suggestions focused on greater speed and strength with lower impact and stress.
  • Fueling and hydration recommendations for best training and racing.
  • If required, injury advice and modification of training regiment for rapid recovery and most effective maintenance of conditioning already attained.


  1. 2019 Boston Marathon Training Session begins December 2018
  2. 2019 LA Marathon Training Session begins December 2018
  3. 2019 Long Beach Marathon Training Session begins mid-June 2019

This program does not include registration fees for the great preparatory races we'll run in southern California (including SRLA's 18-mile Friendship Run) or for the target Marathon.

Late additions to an ongoing session at a prorated fee may be available provided an applicant's recent southern California race result proves appropriate fitness level. Contact us to inquire.