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Coaching Age 18 and Up to Get Faster at 1500M and UpTHE DETAILS

Looking to reach the next level in your running but need guidance to make sure you get there? A certified running coach, experienced working from middle distance to marathons with runners age 7 to 70, will be a huge help!

Looking for individualized guidance tuned based on how you're doing? Our online, interactive coaching might be just the ticket. 

All athletes receive:

  • Review of your running history and goal, whether it be general running improvement or a target time in a race of a particular distance.
  • Customized training schedule (built for you, around your schedule and preferred running locations) with detailed descriptions of each workout's paces, distance, and duration. 
  • Faster improvement with optimal mix of workout paces and types to achieve your particular goal:
    • EASY: Continuous conversational pace builds heart and muscle's capability to use that additional O2
    • MARATHON: Slightly faster to force an occasional breath mid-sentence and improve running economy
    • THRESHOLD: Faster pace sustained 3-4 miles to improve endurance
    • INTERVAL: Hard but relaxed 3-5 minute runs to build aerobic power (VO2max)
    • REPETITION: Harder 200-800m runs with enough recovery time between reps to maintain the pace, which improves speed.
  • Automatic GPS updates of your training log via GarminConnect, MapMyRun, or Strava. Let us know if you use a different service. We should be able to accommodate you. 
  • Two-way communication with coach via your training-log.  Answers to his questions and comments guide the tuning of online workout schedule as needed. 
  • Additional access to coach via email and text.  
  • Monthly phone call/check-in initiated by athlete.
  • Form analysis (take a video of yourself running at race pace per our instructions and send it to us) to achieve greater speed and efficiency (a $100 value).
  • Individual-specific drills, stretching and strength training tips to help you develop more efficient running techniques and avoid injury.
  • Cross training suggestions focused on greater speed and strength with lower impact and stress.
  • Fueling and hydration recommendations for best training and racing.
  • If required, injury advice and modification of training regiment for rapid recovery and most effective maintenance of conditioning already attained.

Pricing is $360 for the initial 12-week program, $100 for each succeeding month beyond that.